• Engineering and Design

    With its 30 years of experience in the field of interconnect distribution & implementation, TransElectric, a member of Trans Innovation Group (TIG), has become an expert advisor for numerous projects in the military, defense, medical, automation, aerospace, industrial, telecom & consumer goods markets….

  • Logistics

    No two major supply chain engagements are alike. That is why we at TransElectric offer an optimized, tailored, supply chain models for each one of our valued partners, based on their needs and requirements. Our custom models carefully put together, utilize the best industry practices…


    Offering the best components by collaborating with the best manufacturers. from vendors such as ODU, FUJITSU, 3M, CONEC, BEL, BELDEN ,HIVOLT, ETEC, SANYO DENKI, PHOENIX CONTACT and many more through our expert engineers, product line managers, logistic personal to our state of the art warehouse…

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