With its 30 years of experience in the field of interconnect distribution & implementation, TransElectric, a member of Trans Innovation Group (TIG), has become an expert advisor for numerous projects in the military, defense, medical, automation, aerospace, industrial, telecom & consumer goods markets.

From the very first conception and development stages through implementation to support & maintenance, TransElectric’s highly skilled engineers and product line managers provide our valued partners with a full range of expert services resulting in a reliable product optimization process. For that exact reason, our partners enjoy fast time to market, cost reduction & outstanding products that lasts way after the competition.

When you are in need of more than just compatible parts, whether it is electromechanical components, semiconductors, passives or interconnects and just get a little mixed in which is which and what is what, we will be right at your side, harnessing our experience to exceed your project requirements .

For us in TransElectric – it is more than just compatibility.

Our Engineering & Design services include:

Interconnect systems design:

  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design
  • Engineering / manufacturing analysis.
  • Advanced testing topologies.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Not under certification to AS9100 Std

Technical support:

  • Electrical ratings
  • Wires, cables & harnesses specifications definition.
  • Technical installation documentation (according to quality assurances)
  • Tooling training & support


  • Electrical / mechanical overall performance tests and simulations
  • Installation testing
  • Environmental testing


  • Component compatibility and performance
  • Installation & implementation consultancy
  • Product development

Turnkey solutions:

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Partners training
  • Out sourcing
  • Life cycle management