Transelectric offers the best components by collaborating with the best manufacturers. from vendors such as ODU, FUJITSU, 3M, CONEC, BEL, BELDEN ,HIVOLT, ETEC, SANYO DENKI, PHOENIX CONTACT and many more through our expert engineers, product line managers, logistic personal to our state of the art warehouse and shipping methodologies, TransElectric’s vast network of vendors and 30 years of accumulated knowledge provides you with best in class service that suits your requirements.

Transelectric vast product distribution capabilities includes over 100,000 products such as connectors, sensors, relays, cameras, power supplies, communication devices, Industrial PCs and more. Combined with our ability to customize or provide a commercial off-the-shelf solution for our valued partners is what makes us stand out in the crowd.

We welcome you to find out more about the products we distribute by requesting a quote from our customer support team or from a specific product line manager within the vendor pages. TransElectric welcoming staff will gladly be at your service for we believe that in order to be the best salesperson, first you have to be the best person.