No two major supply chain engagements are alike. That is why we at TransElectric offer an optimized, tailored, supply chain models for each one of our valued partners, based on their needs and requirements.

Our custom models carefully put together, utilize the best industry practices to create additional revenue stream by excess inventory cost avoidance. With TransElectric’s supply chain management, none of your precious components remains dormant.

By collecting data to understand your material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling and inventory control TransElectric can ensure material availability, maintain the lowest possible quantities and plan purchase and delivery schedules for Just In Time (JIT) customer demands.

TransElectric’s just in time (JIT) services are also due to our ability to manage inbound shipping with a large number of transporters, thus, guarantying seamless shipping of a single to bulk stock items.

In order to provide additional flexibility to the inventory pipeline TransElectric owns a large scale, state-of-the-art warehouse that holds buffers of components (based on customer demand) for just-in-case (JIC) scenarios.

In paraphrase to the book of Proverbs 16:27 that States: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” we in TransElectric believe that components are just as hands to your product needs. With our expert logistic team at your side, your new, just in time components, will never remain idle more than the necessary. Allow us to offer our diligent hand in optimizing your supply chain needs to the max.

Logistics services:

  • Customer needs assessment
  • Just in time services (JIT)
  • Just in case (JIC) warehouse services
  • Delivery Schedule forecast
  • Custom inventory programs