Since 1954 Finder has worked exclusively in the field of relays and timers. With a product portfolio of over 10,000 different high quality products, Finder has based itself as a main provider in the world of relays and timers. The company owns 4 manufacturing facilities across Europe that meet the strictest industry standards. In fact, there is no other provider in the relay industry that holds more quality assurances then Finder.

For that exact reason, we at Trans Innovation Group are feeling rest assured with distributing Finder relays and timers to the Israeli market.

A partial list of Finder products in distribution of Trans Innovation Group (TIG):

  • P.C.B. Relays
  • Industrial relays
  • Relay interface modules
  • Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • Forcibly guided contacts relay
  • Timers
  • Energy meters
  • Monitoring relays
  • Power supplies
  • Surge Protection device (SPD)
  • Industrial thermoregulation
  • Modular contactors

For a full product catalogue and further details, feel free to get in touch with our 

Finder – Israel product line manager here!

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