At Quabbin the passion to design & manufacture electronic components and conducting wires is beating at the heart of the company. Quabbin improves its manufacturing by running two dedicated plants, one designed to run ethernet only, while the other designated for general purpose cable.

The division allows Quabbin to maximize efficiency and perfect every cable providing customers with a premier cable product that can be trusted in the most critical applications.

Trans Innovation Group is glad to offer advanced Quabbin cable and wire solutions to the Israeli market.

A partial list of Quabbin products in distribution of Trans Innovation Group (TIG):

  • Harsh Environment Cable
  • Commercial Data Cable
  • Digital AV & Lighting Control Cable
  • General Purpose Wire & Cable
  • Robotic Control
  • Flexible or continuous flex
  • UV Resistant for outdoor use
  • PVC, FR TPE, TPU, Halogen Free

For a full products catalogue and further details, do not hesitate to contact with our


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